How to minimise ribbon in Excel

Microsoft Excel 2007 Tips #2 -- Minimising Ribbon

My laptop has a very small screen that sometimes i had to hide my toolbar just to get a better view on my screen. Some of you may also have PC tablet that more or less would give you the same trouble. In the Microsfot Excel 2007 the RIBBON takes quite a big space honestly, and the good thing is that you can minimise it!! Watch the video to help you understand what I mean.

To recap, the 2 ways on how to minimise ribbon are as follow:
  1. Press Crtl+F1.
  2. Right Click the Ribbon and choose Minimize the Ribbon.
When the ribbon is minimised, you can click on a tab name and Excel will temporarily open that particular ribbon. After a command have been selected, the ribbon will be automatically return to minimised state.

Best Video Formats for Youtube Uploads

I have been uploading videos to youtube for more than a year now, starting with a video of myself (yes, myself) singing a cover to my favourite songs, until recently I started to upload videos for my blogs. And it was sad that I missed out the information about how I can maximse the quality of the videos by following the right formats for the videos.

This information is indeed in the youtube website, however, I believe no a lot of people would know it - I took a year to realise this!! :(. Well here are the pointers to remember:
  1. Video format is best to be H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 preferred.
  2. The recommended aspect ratio of the video would be 4:3 or 16:9.
  3. Resolution: 640x360 or 480x360 (recommended).
  4. If it has audio format, try to haeve MP3 or ACC preferred.
  5. It is important to have 30 frames per second.
  6. The video should not beyond 10 min (2-3 min would be best).
  7. Maximum file size allowed is 1 GB.
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Customise Recent Documents Excel

Microsoft Excel 2007 Tips #1 -- Customise the Recent Documents List

Recent Documents List is what will appear when you click the Office Button on the top left of the workbook in the Microsoft Excel 2007. The list will display all the documents that have just been opened. You can choose to display up to 50 recent documents.

Customising the Recent Document List may come useful when you are sharing computer with others. You might even want to clear the recently used file list altogether. The video below will show you exactly how to do it.

So, in the nutshell, these are the simple steps you need to do to customise the size of your Recent Documents List:
  1. Click the Office Icon.
  2. Select Excel Options at the bottom.
  3. Choose Advanced tab on the left.
  4. Scroll down till you see Display.
  5. Then you use the Show This Number of the Recent Documents spin button to increase the number to up to 50.
In addition, to the right of each list in the Recent Documents, there is a grey thumbtack. If you click the thumbtack, you will pin that file to the list. The files will appear in the Recent Documetns List until you unpin them. To upon, simply just click on the thumbtack again.