Singapore Haze Condition Gets Worse

well, as of 1 pm today, 20 June 2013, the PSI reading in singapore is all time high at 371..

hope the condition gets better..

it's really bad if you are going outdoor..

Motivation from Adsense to keep blogging

I started this blog in July 2008 (if you have spare time, go and scroll all the way to first post) with idea that I was a techy guy who thought I have the knowledge and time..

well, I stopped blogging in June the following year, for whatever reason.. and the in 2010 ( I think), I got my first 100 bucks from Google Adsense.. and just last week when I check my Adsense account actually keeps increasing (though really s l o w)..

so maybe I will start blogging again, eh?

just a heads up, my interest now is more on financial and investment.. I started reading and learning about investing since 6 months ago, and hey maybe I can share my thoughts here..