English Pirates in Facebook

Fun: Change your Language in Facebook to English Pirate

Okay, this post has nothing to do with my usual tech stuff, but I find it worth-sharing. I am a big Facebook fan, and last night, a freind sent a few 'secret' or I call it 'fun facts' of facebook. I found this one amusing.

To change your language:
  1. Scroll all the way down, and click English (US). Of course, if you are using any other language, then click that language.
  2. Choose English Pirate.
Have FUN!! I took time to right-guess some of them though. ;p

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Microsoft Excel Keyboard Accelerator

Microsoft Excel 2007 Tips #3 -- Using the Keyboard Accelerator

This accelerator aims to allow you to access every command in the Excel using the keyboard. This function may not work for everybody, however, for people who don't usually use mouse, just like me, this knowledge would prove useful.

To do this, you would need to press and release the ALT key. You will notice then, there would be a ToolTips above each command, with an associated accelerator key.

Try this simple trick, could be more helpful than you might think.

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Adding and Removing Icon Quick Access

Microsoft Excel 2007 Tips #4 -- Adding/Removing an Icon to/from Quick Access

Quick Access Toolbar is another great feature of Microsfot Excel that will save you a few clicks to get the button you want. This works exactly the same like the Quick Launch next to your Windows Start button. And therfore, yes, you can customise it the way you like.

To add your favourite icons to the quick access toolbar:
  1. Go to the icons you want to add.
  2. Hover over the icon, and right click on it.
  3. Choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar.
To remove it, do the step 1-2, and for step 3, choose Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.

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Freezing Tables Panes in Excel

Microsoft Excel 2007 Tips #5 -- Freezing Panes in Excel Table

When creating a table with massive data is what you smoetimes (I have to do tables for my lab report), then keeping the headers/panes of the table visible is something you would want to see when you are scrolling down the data. Using Excel, this can be done simply.

Consider the table I have made in the video below, what you need to do, is to follow these steps.
  1. Make sure you place the cursor on the first cell that you would NOT freeze.
  2. From the VIEW ribbon, select Freeze Panes dropdown.
  3. Then choose Freeze Panes.
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Creating In-Cell Bar Charts

Microsoft Excel 2007 Tips #6 -- Creating In-Cell Bar Charts with Data Bars

A Data Bar in Microsoft Excel is defined as a semitransparent swath of colour which start from the lief side of the cell. If the number in the cell is small, then the range of the coloured bar would be small and vice versa. The use of this in-cell bar chart is one alternative in presenting a table filled with numeric data. Watch my video below to get a better idea of what I have been saying.

Creating data bars is not that difficult, only requiring a few clicks.
  1. Drag the mouse to select a range of numeric data. Take note that this data should be numbers of the same scale, ie. if you have a row of total, then don not include this row.
  2. Go to Home Ribbon, then from the Style group, select the Conditional Formatting icon.
  3. Choose Data Bars frin the drop down.
If you do not like the default set by the Excel, you can customise by following these steps:
  1. From the same Conditional Formatting, shoose Manage Rules (the last option).
  2. From the Show Formatting Rules drop-down, choose This Worksheet.
  3. Click the Data Bar rule you want to customise.
  4. Click the Edit button, and you can start customising it as you wish.
Hope that helps.

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Short Films about Google Chrome

Since Google Chrome was introduced by Google just a few months ago, I had fallen in love with the browser for its simple interface and seemingly-better-than-others operations. It is fast. The tabs are simply awesome and finding a word (with Crtl F) is really a quick thing to do. Simply great.

Last month Google invited some creative parties to engineer 11 short movies about the Google Chrome. I spent some time to wath all the 11 movies, and some are pretty good. And I thought I justo share it here. The videos below are "A colloection of short films about a browser" and one of my favourite "You and Your Browser". Enjoy.

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Google Image Colour Selector

It was just yesterday that I realised that Google Image has added a new feature called Google Images Selector, a tool that will let you narrow down your search by colour. I tried using this, and the results were pretty cool. Below are the pictures I took when I was experimenting with the tool.

Notice that all the three pictures have the same key word I typed in the search box, 'chelsea'. However, when I changed the colour drop-down just below the search box, the search results will change according to the colour. Awesome!

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Wallpaper Search using Google Search

Google has recently added a new feature in Image Search that include an options to specify the size of picture you are searching for. It is not just that. You can now look for a photo whose size can fit you desktop size, i.e. you can now search for a picture for your wallpaper!!

These are the simple steps:
  1. Go to Google.com and click image on the top left tab.
  2. Click on the Advanced Image Search which is located just next to the search box.
  3. Select that Photo Content from the list of content types.
  4. Select Use my desktop Size to find images that will suit your desktop.

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Finding Published Date of a Webpage

When one is looking for an article online, one would need to find out the details about the webpage. One of the common details is the date when the webpage is first uploaded on to a publus web server so that we can find and read it.

Using some tweak on thr address url on google search result, it is possible to find the published date of a webpage quite easily.

Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Go to Google.com, and type the website url.
  2. Go to the browser address bar, and add "&as_qdr=y15" at the end of the address.
  3. You will notice the publication date.

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