BatteryBar: Monitor your Battery

BatteryBar is a free software (also available Pro version) that will consantly control and monitor the battery status in your laptop as you use it. 

What of the faetures it offers includes the display that will let you know the remianing time, the history data, the baterry wear, capacity and full lifetime.

Once you have download it, the next things you'd need to do:
  1. Right click on taskbar
  2. Choose Toolbars
  3. Choose BatteryBar
Happy trying

by. Toyang Qren
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Customize your Gmail Colours

Gmail has made one awesome improvement such that now Gmail users are able to customizise their own gmail page with their own favourite colours. The Google Blogscoped explained that you can make Gmil as ugly or pretty as you want.

The steps are simple:
  1. From yout Gmail page, go to Settings
  2. Choose Theme
  3. At the last choice of theme, click Choose your own colours
  4. Pick the colours of your choice.

by. ToyangQren
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Coverting Webpage to pdf

PrimoPDF is a website where you can convert a webpage to pdf. What a useful tool! What you need to do is jst to past the link of the webpage, and the pdf file will be sent to your email quite instantly (I tried it a few times, and it took less than 3 minutes for the file to reach my Gmail inbox!).

These are the steps and details:
  1. Go to PrimoPDF.
  2. Enter you email address.
  3. Choose if you want to convert a file or an url.
  4. Done!

PrimoPDF is also capable of converting more than 300 file types to pdf files. Powerful indeed!!

Hope this article helps you.

by.Toyang Qren
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